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What's the best car immobiliser?

We are experts in car security and are proud to be approved installers of the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser. We believe that the Ghost Immobiliser is the Best protection for your car against theft.

Below we look at a range of ways to prevent car theft in Liverpool and the surrounding areas. Of all these methods, our experts are confident that the Ghost Immobiliser offers the best solution for car immobiliser technology.

Can my car be stolen without the keys?

The answer here is YES. There are several ways car thieves can take your vehicle without the use of keys. Listed below are some of these ways: 

Signal Jamming: Car thieves use a device that transmits on the exact radio frequency as a remote key fob. The device will jam the signal that locks the car. The device could be in the pocket of a car thief or left hidden near the driveway of the targeted vehicle. When the car owner presses the lock button on the key fob, the device will jam the signal, leaving the car unlocked and the owner none the wiser. 

Relay Theft: Relay thieves will use wireless transmitters, the thieves can hold the device up to the window or front door of a house or the handbag or pocket of the cars owner to capture the signal from a key fob. It then relays it to the target vehicle. The thieves accomplice will stand close to the car and catches the signal, and the car will then unlock. Once inside the car, the thieves accomplice can repeat the process can to start the engine. 

attempting to start a car

What are Thatcham's vehicle security categories?

For vehicles that cannot be fitted with the Ghost (generally older vehicles without a canbus electronic system)

Category 1: This is one of the smartest car security systems and features an alarm with a multiple of sensors; it also has a siren with its power supply and an immobiliser that sets by itself. 

Category 2: This system features only an electronic immobiliser. As with Category 1, it is also capable of setting itself without any action required from the driver.  An immobiliser fitted as standard has been a mandatory requirement on all new vehicles since 1998.

Category 2/1: This is given when a category one alarm supplements a category two immobiliser. It would typically be for aftermarket installation on a vehicle. 

Category 3: This will apply to a permanent or temporary mechanical device like a steering wheel and pedal lock. Thatcham will tests these separately and make their recommendations. The logo can be found on the packaging. 

Category 4: Locking wheel nuts require a unique key to release them fall into this 4th category. There has to be a secure replacement key service, and they have got to be traceable and withstand a sustained attack. The majority of brand new cars with alloy wheels have locking wheel nuts fitted as standard. 

Tracking Systems

These have proved very popular since they enable recovery of the vehicle after theft. An annual subscription is payable for the 24/7 monitoring of your vehicle. At present these do not come as standard on new cars.

Category 5: This applies to a tracking system that locates a stolen vehicle and can disable it remotely. 

Category 6: The same as a category five except they will not remotely disable a vehicle. 

Category 7: Similar to category six, however, remote immobilisation is not permitted.

RCA are approved by several manufacturers of tracking systems. This enables us to install the best one for your needs.

Q class: This class includes Aftermarket Systems and devices, including ID and vehicle marking, and immobilisers and alarms that are not Thatcham approved.

Why Ghost Immobiliser is Best

The Ghost Immobiliser will prevent your car from being driven away even if the thieves clone or steal your keys. There is no need to hide your keys in a biscuit tin or carry your keys around in a Faraday bag. 

How it works

The Ghost Immobiliser uses the buttons in your car like those on the centre console, steering wheel or door panels or use the smartphone app. This allows you to make a changeable, unique PIN code sequence that must first input before you can start your car and drive.

Benefits of Ghost Immobiliser

The Ghost Immobiliser does not have a key-fob or LED indications to give away its location. It is so small it can be located almost anywhere in your car. 

Why Ghost?

A registered installer must fit the Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser. They are TASSA (Tracking and After Market Security System Association) approved. 

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