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Can Keyless Cars Be Stolen

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  • 17-04-2023
Can Keyless Cars Be Stolen

What is the truth about keyless car theft? Can keyless cars be stolen? Stay ahead in the game of automotive security with our insightful analysis. Arm yourself with knowledge to protect your keyless car from potential threats. 

Is there a rise in keyless car thefts?

The stark statistics affirm the disquieting reality. Incidents of keyless car thefts have witnessed an upward trajectory, reflecting the adaptability of thieves in this digital age. The allure of convenience that keyless entry systems offer becomes a double-edged sword, as sophisticated criminals manipulate this very feature to infiltrate vehicles with ease. 

Across the UK, reports point to an undeniable escalation in vehicles falling victim to keyless car theft methodologies. What's particularly concerning is the targeted approach criminals adopt, honing in on specific models. 

 The likes of luxurious Range Rovers and Land Rovers find themselves in the crosshairs due to their desirability and substantial resale value. The rise of keyless car thefts has spurred a proactive response from law enforcement agencies and industry pundits. In the face of this dynamic threat, vehicle owners are being counselled to adopt preemptive measures to shield their prized possessions. 

Embracing tangible safeguards like steering wheel locks and signal-blocking pouches can act as robust deterrents against tech-savvy criminals. As the automotive landscape evolves, the tactics of criminals evolve in tandem. The surge in keyless car thefts serves as a clarion call for heightened vigilance and strategic defences. Armed with knowledge and equipped with safeguards, we can collectively fortify against the onslaught of keyless car thefts, cultivating a safer driving environment for everyone.

What is Keyless Car Theft?

In the realm of contemporary vehicle security, the emergence of keyless car thefts has raised significant concerns that warrant closer examination. As technology advances, crafty criminals adapt their methods to exploit vulnerabilities in modern vehicle security systems. Keyless car theft, as the name suggests, involves unauthorised access and theft of vehicles equipped with keyless entry systems. 

These systems utilise radio frequency signals to detect the owner's key fob presence, enabling convenient unlocking and ignition without physical contact. However, criminals have devised ingenious tactics to manipulate this technology. Signal relay attacks, a common strategy, involve using electronic devices to amplify and capture the key fob signal, even from within the owner's home. The captured signal is then transmitted to a device near the targeted vehicle, deceiving it into recognising the key's presence. 

The impact of keyless car theft resonates beyond individual loss, affecting insurance providers, law enforcement, and the community at large. Proactive measures such as signal-blocking pouches and visible deterrents like steering wheel locks can help mitigate the risk for vehicle owners. Understanding the nuances of keyless car theft is vital in today's evolving security landscape. By staying informed and adopting preventive measures, individuals can actively contribute to thwarting this concerning trend.

How to Prevent Keyless Car Theft

In an age of advancing technology, countering the surge in keyless car thefts demands proactive measures. As criminals exploit vulnerabilities in keyless entry systems, safeguarding your vehicle becomes paramount. 

By adopting these steps, you can significantly reduce the risk of keyless car theft and protect your vehicle from this evolving threat.

Signal-Blocking Pouches

Invest in signal-blocking pouches to shield your key fob's radio signals, deterring tech-savvy thieves from intercepting them.

Key Fob Placement

Store your key fob away from windows and doors, reducing the risk of signal relay devices capturing its signal. 

Vehicle Tracking System

Install a tracking system for real-time monitoring and remote immobilisation.

Software Updates

Regularly update your vehicle's software to address vulnerabilities. 

Visible Deterrents

Opt for visible deterrents like steering wheel locks to discourage theft attempts. 

Stay Informed

Stay aware of evolving theft techniques to stay ahead.

Disable Keyless Entry

Deactivate keyless entry when not in use to thwart unauthorised access attempts. 

Physical Barriers

Use bollards or security posts to limit driveway access. 

Security Audits:

 Assess and enhance property security. 

Secure Parking

Choose well-lit, populated areas or secure garages for parking. 

How to Prevent Keyless Car Theft

In the age of advancing technology, the rise of keyless car thefts has raised concerns among vehicle owners, necessitating a comprehensive approach to safeguarding one's valuable possession. Criminals are capitalising on vulnerabilities in keyless entry systems, making it crucial for car owners to adopt proactive strategies to counter this evolving threat. 

Here, we delve into a range of essential techniques designed to deter tech-savvy thieves and bolster your vehicle's security. 

Turn off Keyless Fob's Wireless Signal

Many modern key fobs offer the option to deactivate the wireless signal transmission when not in use. This simple yet effective measure prevents criminals from capturing your key fob's signal remotely. 

Check your vehicle's manual or consult the manufacturer to learn how to disable the wireless signal, rendering your key fob immune to tech-driven theft attempts. 

Use a Steering Wheel Lock or Car Alarm

Visible deterrents can play a significant role in deterring thieves. Consider investing in a steering wheel lock or a car alarm. 

These physical barriers alert potential criminals to the enhanced security measures in place, making your vehicle less attractive as a target. The prospect of facing additional obstacles can discourage thieves from attempting to steal your car.

Prevent Lost Car Keys Being Stolen

Safeguarding your spare keys is paramount in preventing unauthorised access to your vehicle. Keep spare keys in a secure and inconspicuous location within your home.

Thieves may target your residence to locate spare keys, making it essential to thwart their efforts. In an era where criminals are exploiting technological advancements, remaining vigilant and proactive is key to safeguarding your investment. 

Re-Programme Your Keys

If you suspect that your key fob's signal has been compromised or stolen, explore the option of reprogramming your keys. 

Consult your vehicle's manufacturer or dealership to learn about the reprogramming process. This approach invalidates any stolen key fobs, effectively neutralising the threat they pose. 

Park Defensively

Thoughtful parking choices can significantly reduce the risk of keyless car theft. Opt for secure, well-lit parking areas that are less likely to attract criminal activity. 

Avoid leaving your vehicle in secluded or dimly lit spots that provide cover for potential thieves. 

Get Your Windows Etched

Window etching involves engraving a unique identification code onto your vehicle's windows. While it might not deter thieves from stealing the car, it does deter them from reselling it. 

Etched windows make the vehicle less attractive to potential buyers of stolen goods, making it a less appealing target.

Keep Your Vehicle Tidy

Beyond the allure of the vehicle itself, thieves are often enticed by valuable items left in plain sight within the car. Maintain a tidy interior, ensuring that valuables like laptops, phones, and bags are stowed away or stored in the boot. 

This reduces the temptation for thieves and diminishes the likelihood of a break-in.

Use a Signal-Blocking Pouch

A fundamental step in countering keyless car theft is investing in a signal-blocking pouch, also known as a Faraday pouch or bag. 

These pouches create a protective barrier that prevents your key fob's wireless signal from being intercepted by criminals equipped with signal relay devices. 

By using a signal-blocking pouch, you effectively thwart their attempts to amplify and exploit the key fob's signal. 

By adopting a combination of these preventive measures, you can significantly enhance your vehicle's security and reduce the risk of falling victim to keyless car theft. Protecting your car is not just about securing a possession; it's about ensuring peace of mind and upholding your safety in the face of evolving threats.

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