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How Can I Improve My Car Security

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  • 01-09-2022
How Can I Improve My Car Security

Are you asking: how can I impro ve my car security? We look at tips to improve my car security and how to keep your car safe.

How to Keep your Car Safe

With 22% of UK auto owners confessing to having had their vehicle stolen at some time, it appears that car thieves are still figuring out methods to get around the anti-theft systems that are usually quite technologically advanced. 

By leaving your car in your driveway or garage overnight, purchasing deterrents like a steering wheel lock, or setting up an expensive security camera system, you may discourage thieves.

Although immobilisers, sophisticated steering wheel locks, and keyless entry systems help keep thieves away from our cars, sly criminals take advantage of the general public's negligence of simple security precautions to make quick cash. 

If you aren't covering all your bases, you can still receive a call from the police and insurers despite having every piece of available auto security equipment.

Tips to Improve Car Security

Although it should go without saying, locking your car might end up saving you time and money. Additionally, if your car was stolen while it was unlocked, your vehicle insurance might not be able to pay for the damage. 

A handbrake lock or steering wheel lock will help safeguard your car and act as a visual deterrent for thieves. Invest in many security measures.

Turn Your Car Wheels Into The Curb

Turning your wheels toward the curb or another car is a quick but effective move. This will make it much more difficult for criminals to flee in your automobile quickly as a consequence. If they succeed in breaking in and starting the vehicle, they will still need to straighten up or maybe reverse or manoeuvre, allowing you to phone the police and take down their description.

Get A Steering Wheel Lock

How Can I Improve My Car Security?

A robust, brightly coloured metal lock clamped over your steering wheel serves as a powerful visual barrier for many auto thieves – but not the most determined. 

While some wheel locks appear to be a touch heavy-handed, most owners believe their very apparent presence is worth it for peace of mind. If you get one, make sure it isn't very reliant on a steering wheel-mounted horn or a nearby indication stalk. 

Make sure it doesn't damage the steering wheel or interfere with the automatic gearbox paddle shifters if you have them.

If you choose a steering wheel lock with a high Sold Secure rating, it will take some time to remove it from the steering wheel as well as act as a visual deterrent. The majority of the time, quick-strike thieves will pass by a car with a lock on the steering wheel.

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Keep Valuables Out Of Sight

Take any valuables out of your vehicle or conceal them. Leaving anything in your car overnight is not a smart idea. A criminal might be drawn to any bag or thing. Even if they believe the item is worthless, if they force their way in, you may have to replace your automobile glass.

When you're out and about, this may seem apparent, but when you park your car at home, it's simple to forget. If you have any pricey devices, try hiding them in the boot or bringing them inside. If you must keep an electronic device in the vehicle, choose a dash cam that can continue to record even while the engine is off. 

The dash cam will capture anything that happens if criminals bump the car, and if it's visible, it may also serve as a visual deterrent - no thief likes to have their image captured on camera.

Your car's keys should be hidden somewhere in your home. Away from any windows or letterboxes, place the key rack. Never leave your vehicle keys in the door if your house and car keys are on the same keychain.

Security Window Etching

Compared to non-etched automobiles, etched vehicles are more likely to be recovered and less likely to be stolen. Due to this, using the security window etching service to prevent and detect car crime is hassle-free and incredibly successful.

CCTV Security

In recent years, technology has grown significantly, notably in the realm of home security. You can watch your car in crystal clear detail at any time of day with a Smartwares IP Bullet CCTV security camera. Keep the worst-case scenario secret so that you have documentation.

Park In A Secure Or Well-Lit Location

Park In A Secure Or Well-Lit Location

If a thief attempts to take your automobile, you should make them apparent to the rest of the world. When an intruder comes onto your driveway or property, the LED Robotic Security Light illuminates quickly. 

This should either notify you or your neighbours, scare them away, or make it simpler for you to catch them in the act. Plan your parking; if possible, park somewhere well-lit and noticeable. 

If you park facing an obstruction, such as a wall or a bollard, you will be unable to make a fast departure if the worst happens.

Prevent Keyless Theft

Keyless auto theft may seem practically impossible to stop, but you may still take precautions to avoid it. If you haven't purchased your next vehicle yet, purchasing a vehicle without keyless entry is the simplest approach to prevent theft. However, it is more common to have it as a standard feature on automobiles, thus, that might or might not be a choice. If you're considering purchasing, inquire at the dealership or from the existing owner about the security of the keyless feature and whether the system can be turned off.

If you currently have a car with keyless entry and start, your top priority should be hiding the keys inside your home. Initially, keep the key far from windows and doors. 

The farther away the keys are from the outer walls, the better.

Metal-lined wallets known as faraday bags are signal-blocking pouches. Put the key in the bag while you're standing next to the locked car to make sure it works. 

The doors must remain secured; any spare key that is kept in the house should be placed in the same bag. Any further steps you take to make the automobile more difficult to steal will serve as a deterrent. Putting the car in a garage, installing a locked post on your driveway, and using steering wheel locks inside the car can all be beneficial. Consider installing a tracking device if you have a costly vehicle.

Hide Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Cables

Hide Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Cables

Metal is easy money for organised robbers. It's worth mentioning that metal theft is nothing new, but it appears that charging cables are getting simpler to steal as the demand for electric vehicles grows and automobiles are charged outside their homes overnight, unaccompanied. 

Metal is easy money for organised robbers. It's worth mentioning that metal theft is nothing new, but it appears that charging cables are getting simpler to steal as the demand for electric vehicles grows and automobiles are charged outside their homes overnight, unaccompanied.

Routine EV charging at home will take care of most of the time, but drivers may be caught off guard and need to charge at a public charging station. Without the extra protection of cable locking mechanisms, parking the car on the cable is the simplest way to safeguard the EVSE. 

Before plugging in, put the cable on the ground and move the car forward so that a front or rear wheel is really on the cable, leave some slack, and go about your business while the car charges.

This is an emergency operation; therefore, don't make practice parking on the cable since it might cause harm. As a more serious approach, adventurous owners may obtain a cable protector (the sort used by professional tradespeople to protect pedestrians from trip hazards when carrying extension leads over sidewalks), cut it into parts, and simply place the cable beneath it before parking their car on it. This is a fantastic concept because the protection may be kept on hand and utilised in any place.

Consider A Car Tracker

Consider A Car Tracker

Tracking systems track the whereabouts of your car around the clock. With magnets or wires, you often attach one of these devices to a glove box, rear bumper, centre console, or other location in your car and begin monitoring your vehicle on your computer or smartphone. 

The finest trackers notify you when your vehicle exits a predefined geofence, allowing you to take immediate action. You can track down the location of your stolen car and report it to authorities. This aids police in locating and retrieving your car. When filing a claim for automobile theft or damage, you can also provide your insurance carrier with geographic information.

If you have many cars for work, you may connect a tracker to each one to increase responsibility in your firm. You may, for example, monitor the itineraries of employees who use your automobiles to offer services to avoid theft. The finest tracker manufacturers allow you to monitor all of your gadgets from a single platform. 

Trackers provide further advantages. These gadgets can tell you how far you've driven your car and offer information on fuel efficiency. Trackers can also be placed on other high-value products. Consider connecting a gadget to assets in your house or business to help you easily locate these items.

Fit A Car Immobiliser

A vehicle immobiliser is a security mechanism that prevents your automobile from starting if you use the wrong key. There are electrical immobilisers and physical immobilisers, which include steering wheel locks. The majority of new automobiles include electronic engine immobilisers. To start your automobile, your key or key fob transmits a code to a component known as the electronic control unit (ECU).

If the code is right, the ignition, fuel, and starting motor systems will be activated. If the code is incorrect or someone tries to hotwire the automobile, electronic immobilisers will prohibit the car from starting by interfering with the ignition, fuel, and starter motor systems.

Watch Out For Catalytic Converter Theft

Your catalytic converter reduces the noxious gases in your car's exhaust while simultaneously making it a more desirable target for thieves. There are just two straightforward reasons for this. An angle grinder, a jack, and a few seconds of your time are all that is needed to steal a catalytic converter, which is a relatively straightforward procedure.

Modern automobiles typically have their catalytic converters under the car, near the exhaust, which makes them easy targets for thieves. It takes no time at all to lift a car's rear and cut off the entire thing. SUVs have higher ground clearance, which makes them more susceptible. Since they frequently have bigger engines, this means the catalytic converter is simpler to access, and these converters contain more valuable metals.

In-Vehicle Cameras

In-Vehicle Cameras

An in-vehicle camera that detects any abrupt or extreme movement - possibly brought on by heavy braking, evasive manoeuvring, or a collision - produces a video file that documents the events leading up to and following the incident. 

Other capabilities include parking security, which employs motion tracking to keep an eye on activities surrounding your parked car while it is being tracked, the ability to snap pictures, and tracking. If it notices any noticeable movement, it will capture a brief video clip that can be used as proof in the event that your car is ever damaged or tampered with.

In general, in-vehicle cameras are intended to give peace of mind to drivers who are concerned about their safety and to safeguard them from less cautious road users. In order to make our goods as accessible to as many people as possible, we have taken care to supply a choice of products that provide all the essential capabilities currently offered.

Link the Security System to Your Smartphone

Although skilled criminals can utilise technology to open your automobile without your awareness, they must first have access to the signal from your key fob to clone it. 

Rather than stuffing your keys into a drawer or leaving them in your pocket, invest in an Anti-RFID-blocking wallet to prevent readers from receiving the signal. It's a little price to pay to keep your automobile from disappearing entirely.

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