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Which Car Gets Stolen The Most In UK

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  • 16-03-2023
Which Car Gets Stolen The Most In UK

We delve into the question: Which car gets stolen the most? Stay informed about the latest trends and statistics to make informed decisions about your vehicle's security.

What Are the Most Stolen Cars in the UK?

Ford Fiesta

Leading the unfortunate pack is the Ford Fiesta, a compact car that has earned a reputation for being agile, efficient, and stylish. However, its position atop this list is not solely due to its merits. 

The Ford Fiesta's historical dominance as the UK's best-selling car for several years has led to an abundance of these vehicles on British roads. Criminals capitalise on this prevalence, seeking easy targets for their activities.    

Range Rover

The Range Rover, a symbol of luxury and refinement, takes the second spot on this disheartening list. Specifically, the lavishly equipped Autobiography variant of the Range Rover draws the attention of criminals. 

These thieves operate with a purpose – to fulfil orders for export, exploiting the high desirability and exclusivity of this flagship model1. The allure of luxury and the promise of international resale make the Range Rover an attractive proposition for those engaging in car theft.

Ford Focus

The Ford Focus, acclaimed as one of the best family cars to drive, strikes a chord with both buyers and criminals. Its dynamic handling and popularity make it a sought-after choice among families.

Unfortunately, the same attributes that endear it to law-abiding citizens make it an appealing target for car thieves. Its widespread presence on UK roads provides ample opportunities for criminals to strike.

Volkswagen Golf

The Volkswagen Golf, a perennial favourite among car buyers, secures a place on this list due to its combination of desirability and sheer numbers.

Offering premium features that were once the domain of pricier vehicles, the Golf's appeal extends to both legitimate buyers and those with sinister motives. Its position as the sixth-best-selling car in the UK in 2021 underscores its popularity.

Mercedes C-Class

The Mercedes C-Class, synonymous with luxury and sophistication, finds itself in an unfortunate spotlight. Despite its prestige, the C-Class becomes a target for theft due to the allure of its recent models and their popularity. 

Criminals are drawn to the prospect of owning or re-selling these high-end vehicles, tarnishing the reputation of this luxury marque.

BMW 3 Series

The BMW 3 Series, a beacon of driving enjoyment and performance, has long been a fixture near the top of UK sales charts. Its sporty dynamics, efficient engines, and user-friendly interior contribute to its widespread appeal.

However, these very characteristics also draw the attention of unscrupulous individuals. The combination of driving pleasure and efficiency proves attractive not only to legitimate buyers but also to those seeking to profit unlawfully.

Land Rover Discovery

The Land Rover Discovery, a spacious and practical seven-seater SUV, offers an array of intelligent design features. These touches are designed to make life easier for families on the go. 

However, the presence of the Land Rover Discovery on this list highlights a stark reality – that even practicality and functionality do not deter criminals. In response, recent models come equipped with advanced engine immobiliser systems to counter theft attempts.

Vauxhall Corsa

The Vauxhall Corsa, while not an exceptional standout in any particular category, becomes an unwitting victim of its own prevalence. The vast number of Corsas on UK roads, combined with consistent sales figures, provides criminals with ample opportunities to target this popular small car.

Vauxhall Astra

The Vauxhall Astra, a mid-sized hatchback, was once a stalwart among the UK's top-selling cars. While it dropped out of the top 10 a few years ago, its legacy lives on through the sheer volume of Astra models still traversing British roads. This enduring presence makes it an attractive proposition for car thieves seeking easily accessible targets.

Mercedes E-Class

Closing this list is the Mercedes E-Class, a symbol of luxury, comfort, and refinement. The latest E-Class models boast supple rides and a generous standard specification. Unfortunately, these very qualities serve as a magnet for criminals seeking to profit from the allure of luxury.

Keyless Car Thefts

Insurance providers have sounded the alarm on the escalating sophistication of thieves. These culprits have embraced cutting-edge techniques, including key cloning and relay theft, to override vehicle security. In key cloning, criminals intercept the unique signal emitted by car keys and redirect it to another transmitter, effectively outsmarting the vehicle's security mechanisms.

The sophistication of these transmitters has reached a point where they can replicate a key's signal from a distance, even outside the owner's residence. This tech-driven advancement exposes the vulnerabilities of keyless entry systems, which were intended to enhance security. The consequences are profound. Car thefts surged significantly, accompanied by a disconcerting spike in possessions stolen from vehicles.

In 2022, thieves targeted vehicles, making off with a staggering 212,900 items — an alarming increase from 193,647 incidents reported the previous year.

The ramifications of keyless car thefts extend beyond material losses. Vehicle owners grapple with compromised security and a diminished sense of safety. In response, collaboration between insurance providers, law enforcement, and manufacturers is imperative. Car owners must adopt countermeasures, like signal-blocking pouches, to mitigate the risk. As technology and criminal tactics evolve, this battle against keyless car thefts remains an ongoing challenge, demanding constant adaptation and vigilance.

Impact of Car Theft on Society and Insurance

The surging rates of car theft cast a shadow over vehicle owners and the broader societal and insurance landscapes. This issue triggers a cascade of consequences that extend beyond mere vehicle loss. As theft numbers rise, the implications for society and insurance become pronounced. Insurers are compelled to reassess risks due to heightened theft probabilities, potentially leading to increased insurance costs for owners. 

Practical measures are advised to mitigate this threat. Vehicle owners are urged to take preventive steps such as avoiding leaving valuables in cars and using visible deterrents like steering wheel locks. The surge in car thefts has spurred collective action. Industry professionals and law enforcement agencies recognise the need for collaborative efforts to develop preventive measures and strategies to combat theft. 

Certain vehicle models' vulnerability underscores the importance of targeted precautions. Technology solutions like tracking devices offer added protection against theft. In conclusion, car theft's impact extends to insurance and society. Collaborative efforts can mitigate this issue, fostering a safer environment for all.

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